App Review: Navita Translator for BlackBerry

Navita Translator

If you’ve ever found yourself in need of a quick translation and you own a BlackBerry smartphone, Navita Translator is for you. Navita Translator is a free application developed for BlackBerry Smartphones and Tablet. It translates and speaks words and phrases from e-mails, web browsers, SMS or direct text input.

The App’s basic interface makes it simple to translate words or phrases that you type into its text field. And Navita integrates with the core BlackBerry messaging, SMS and browser apps, so you can translate text directly from these sources, as well.

Its conversion isn’t always perfect, but it’s still a valuable tool. Navita supports English, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, French, German and Russian, and it translates into 52 additional languages.

Cool Features:

  • BBM6 Integration: You can now share your translations with comments through BlackBerry Messenger
  •  Speak your translation
  •  Send your translations to: Twitter, Mail, SMS, PIN, MEMO
  • Supports English, Portuguese and Spanish interfaces
  • Free support
  • Compatible with all devicesQuickly translates words and text inputs
  • Quickly translates words and text inputs
  • Easily translates phrases
  • Translates text directly from your email
  • Translates text parts of your BlackBerry® Browser as you select them
  •  Supports BIS, BES, BPS, WAP and WiFi
  • Software size is smaller than 120kb
  • Send your translation by e-mail, sms or pin
  • Save your translation as memopad

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