Documents To Go Premium App Review for Blackberry and iOS devices

Documents to go

If you are a OS7 user your Berry comes pre-installed with Documents To Go Premium addition. The rest of us have to either purchase it from Blackberry’s App World or Apple’s App Store.

While the mobile screen is a bit small to handle the tasks of a Desktop, the ability to edit Office files on the go can be a lifesaver.  With the premium version of Documents To Go depending on the mobile platform you can:

  • Edit, Create & View Microsoft Word, Excel & PowerPoint files (Office 2007/2008/2010).
  • View PDF, iWork, Text, .RTF files.
  • iPad/iPhone 4/iOS 4: Send; receive attached supported documents using the built-in Mail app .
  • You get various bullet styles/formatting for Word To Go.
  • Get most spreadsheet functions available on a Desktop.
  • Free desktop app for 2-way file sync using WiFi.
  • Sync & transfer files/folders in one easy-to-use desktop app.
  • Download, view, edit; sync files from Google Docs, Dropbox,, iDisk; SugarSync directly in DocsToGo.
  • Upload files from iPad/iPhone/iPod to your cloud or online storage account seamlessly.
  • You can find words and phrases, with the option to search for whole words or a specific case and you can select, copy and paste sections from documents.

Documents to go also allows you to view  ‘word wrap’ which zooms in to make the text legible and lays the PDF out in a single long column so you can read everything on your phone’s screen. The question has to be how does the Free version compare to the Premium version?  Well it’s the difference between text editing and word processing – instead of just writing notes that you’ll need to turn into a real document later, Documents to Go Premium lets you create and edit full documents with your BlackBerry or iOS device.


WordPress for Blackberry and iOS App Review

Wordpress App for iPhone

The WordPress mobile app offers users of the popular blogging platform an easy way to create blog articles on the move. You can use the App to do new posts as well as edit old posts, be it a blog hosted at or on your own stand alone blog.

For the blogging fanatics you can access all your blogs on one set. On opening the App you select the blog you would like to play with, click on it and you are presented with almost all the options available on a desktop.

The fonts and menus are easy to read and even easier to navigate. You can view your blog stats as well as moderate comments right on the App.

For blog posts you have a standard Wysiwyg editor available to you. Without any knowledge of html you can perform basic functions such as bold, italics, make ordered and unordered lists, create and remove hyperlinks, as well as add media files direct from your handset.

Catchy features include:

  • Video recording. You can easily upload, attach, and play videos within the app.
  • A total rewrite of the way local drafts are handled, to prevent the unintentional loss of your pending posts.
  • Autosave/post revisions. Bam! One of the “oh, thank goodness” features of the web app makes it into the iOS version.
  • Easier setup. Faster and easier process for adding your sites to the app.
  • Media Library. We’re gradually getting closer to the media management you’re used to in the web app.

The mobile platform definitely lends itself to a quick post rather than a longer one, but if you want to post to your blog from anyway and everywhere this is the App to have in your repository.

You can get the WordPress App for free from the Blackberry App Store or  from Apple’s App Store.

Blackberry FAQ


Like any piece of machinery from time to time something will go wrong with your Berry. Fortunately as a computer they are steps you can take to bring your blackberry back to life.

Blackberry Playing Up

If for any reason your Blackberry does something out of the ordinary the first thing to do is force it to do a reboot by:

  • With your Blackberry powered on, pulling the battery and replacing it – hard reset.
  • Pressing ‘alt’, right shift ‘aA’ and ‘del’ at the same time – soft reset.

My Blackberry fell into water

  • The first and most important step is to remove your battery from your Blackberry® phone as soon as possible.
  • Never put the battery back on your phone or attach the charger to the unit until it has been to a repair center and been given the OK.
  • If you cannot get the phone to us straight away, then remove your sim card and place the wet phone into a plastic bag. The trick is to keep it moist until we open the unit. This will keep corrosion down to a minimum, maximize the chances of a successful repair, and hopefully keep costs to a minimum

Browsing Issues

If your blackberry is failing to load pages or for any other browsing issues:

  • Open your browser
  • Hit Menu and choose ‘Options’
  • Go into ‘Cache Operations’ then clear the cache. Do a battery pull and you should be able to browse normally.

App World ID Error 80003

Before the next App World update or fix from RIM the only solution is update or re-install App World via WiFi

Synchronization Error 0x80040fb3

This error results when they are pictures in your address book, or attachments associated with calendar events.

The Fix is to go into:

Configure–>Sync–>Configure sync–>check address book–>Advanced–>Map Fields–>scroll down to pictures and click pictures to remove the arrow–>click ok–>your back to Advanced and click ok–>now your back at the Intellisync Setup, click ok.

Your synchronization should then carry on uninterrupted.

Not Able to send SMS or The Recipient not getting them

Go into ‘Options’ then Select ‘SMS’. Change ‘Data Coding’ from ‘UCS2’ to ‘7 bit’. Do a battery pull and your blackberry should be able to send SMS’ without any problems.

What do I do when I have lost my Blackberry or after it’s stolen

First you should have ‘Blackberry Protect’ installed on it. You then login into the Blackberry Protect web site. Under Options you can ring your Blackberry, display a message on it, do a ‘Security Wipe’ or locate it if it’s within GPS range.

Facebook Notifications Not going away

Harmless but the Facebook Notification can be annoying. Open your Messages folder and Press ‘u’. It will take you to all unopened messages. If the Facebook notification does not come up, Open the Facebook App, Go into notifications and Press ‘u’ for all unopened notifications.

Updating your Facebook App is also a good thing to do as this problem is not prevalent in later versions of the Facebook App.

There is a notification I have never seen on my screen

  • Open the Messages folder, press ‘u’. This should take you to all your unread messages.
  • Open your Applications Folders and follow the tiny star to the App that’s causing the notification.

Caller ID not showing

  • Go To Options
  • Select Security Options
  • Select General Settings
  • Under Content Protection ensure “Include Address Book” is set to No
  • Exit & Save


1. The Address Book is corrupt

– To check this open the Address Book and Press and hold ALT and type VALD as this checks the data in your Address Book for inconsistencies

– If an error appears press and hold ALT and type RBLD to rebuild the data structure in Address Book

Note: If steps 1 & 2 don’t resolve the problem we may need to backup and restore the Address Book using BlackBerry Desktop Manager

2. Your phone Smart Dialing options may be set incorrectly. To check follow these steps:

a. Select Call Log or press the send key to open the Phone Application

b. Press the Menu button and select Options

c. From Options select Smart Dialing

d. Ensure your Country Code (e.g. +27 for South Africa) and National Number length are correct (e.g. 10 for South Africa). By default the Area Code field is blank.

Blackberry 9300 Berryfix Social Media Special

Get the Blackberry 9300 (refurbished as new) on a Facebook and Twitter Special R1 595.


The New iPad – coverage from around the web

We waited, we anticipated, we soaked in the rumours but the ‘New iPad’ is finally here. Apple’s Tim Cook and Philip Schiller unveiled the company’s newest iPad. Shipping in much, hopefully it gets to South Africa soon. We cannot wait to get our hands on it. We have put together the best blogs, news, columns and articles covering the iPad launch:

Gizmodo – The New iPad Comparison: How It Stacks Up to Other Leading Tablets.

An article that pits the New iPad against it’s rivals. Does it live up to its reputation? This is an in-depth look at “how does it compare to the new hotness from Asus, Samsung, Amazon, BlackBerry, or heck, the iPad 2?”

TheNextWebApple’s new iPad.

A comprehensive breakdown of the iPad’s top features.

New iPad features

ZDNet – Apple launches latest iPad with 4G

A video of the launch, also embedded here for your convenience:

TechCrunchiPhoto Finally Makes Its Debut On The iPad And iPhone

“Apple has managed to translate their popular GarageBand and iMovie apps into impressive iPad experiences,” TechCruch looks at how iPhoto received its iOS treatment.

CNet: The new iPad and gaming: What will change?

CNet looks at the New iPad’s gaming capabilities

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Blackberry Protect Backup Error

Corrupted or blank fields are a major headache when it comes to syncing your blackberry. Should you encounter “Backup failed:
NullPointerException:java.lang.NullPointer Exception” you most likely have a blank or corrupt SMS message.

The fix: Delete your entire SMS folder or untick SMS from your Blackberry Protect backup options.  The backup should then proceed smoothly.


Signs of features to come: RIM Awarded Patent for “Pattern Tap to Unlock”

RIM, the Canadian based Blackberry mothership has been awarded a patent for their “System and method for locking and unlocking access to an electronic device” that they applied for back in 2006 (Patent #8,125,312:).

The patent describes users tapping a pattern on a device to unlock or lock the device or allow access to a specific application. It appears Rim is currently testing this technology internally on O.S 7.1 devices and will most likely roll out with Blackberry 10 later this year.

For added security The patent takes things a step further by having you tap in a pattern and also take into account accelerometer data along with how hard of a tap you make so others watching you cannot easily see the combination.

A handy feature or just a gimmick? Tell us in the comments area below.